Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ok I am addicted now to this fun craft

I can't stop myself. I am loving the look of this and the many techniques you can use to achive differant looks. I even did one for my mom and she is loving it. What is so much fun is never knowing exactly what the item is going to look like untill you wash it. So actually no two look alike which makes each one a one of a kind.
Now the one with the dragon fly's and light spots is a technique called sun painting. Now this one is a first attempt so hopeing to get better at this

Sunday, May 25, 2008

After 86 marble stones I like it

I am still tie dying. I wondered how it work work to add marbles underneath my dress. What would it look like. Would I like it or trash it. It took 86 glass stones to do the front and back of this dress. A little time consuming to say the least. I only did the bottom leaving the elastic top without the stones. After 15 hours of soaking in the dye it was time to get all of these marbles out another time consuming process. But I have to say I like it and will be doing this process again.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some prettys with my polmer clay buttons

Here are some very pretty ideas that you can use my polmer clay buttons for. Made by hemp artist Hemp Lady 4 U this beautiful brown and tourquoise bracelet. If you are in the mood for some great hemp jewery visit her shop

And then we have this beautiful crochet coupon holder made by Shelia's Craft Shop. Also check out her fun buttons bracelets

Want a beautiful pocketbook like the one above go to Sid's N Stitches I love having my buttons adorn her lovely bags.
You can check out these 3 shops just by clicking on their names

Sunday, May 18, 2008

If you don't like the color change it

Now I like white but don't wear it that much for fear of getting something on it and then it is there till you get home sticking out like a sore thumb. Now my hubby and I as well as my son's love the look of tie dye so why not? I have a long pretty white skirt that I bought a Old Navy a couple of years ago and have not wore this skirt yet. That's right just been hanging in my closet so I wouldn't get anything on it. Well right now it is in a plastic bag with dye all over it. Now I can't wash it out till in the morning but in the mean time I can share the other two dresses that I tie dyed over the past couple of days and a cool shirt for hubby. Now I am not a pro at this by no means I just like playing.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

How to eat french fries

I could not resist taking this picture of my grandson. I had made us some french fries and as you can see he had his own unique ways of eating them.