Thursday, October 30, 2008

As the days get shorter

I become less motivated. I love lot's of warm sunny days. And now that darkness comes to soon in the day I find myself setting more than doing. That on top of cold for me is not a good combination. This is how seasonal depression feels. I know I need to snap out of it but that is easy to say and not so easy to do. I have lot's of projects I really need to be doing and have even learned a for me new knitting technique for knitting in the round called the magic loop. Beats those dbl pointed needles.

I really can't wait till this election is over. and here it is October 30th and still have not fully decided who I will vote for. I was all set but as it gets closer I wonder if either is a good candidate. It's kinda like should I just go to the polls close my eyes and punch and hope for the best.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Thinking pink in October

For the whole month of October I will be giving these away with every purchase in my Etsy shop.
They are made from polymer clay, and the pin backs are baked on.
you can use these for years to come

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Practice makes perfect

or at least that is what I hear. The more I play with my polymer clay the more ideas I come up with. I figured out how to make a bracelet and how to make my own bails for making necklaces. I have a few pics but will be showing more soon

The longest part of doing polymer clay is conditioning. Seems like it takes forever to get the clay conditioned and yes I do have a pasta machine. I would say I probally have most of the goodies required for doing a lot of polymer clay work.