Sunday, September 27, 2009

Loving our new fur babies

Introducing Ren and Maggie our new fur babies. Ren is a sheltie/chihuahua mix and she just turned 1 year old. Maggie is a chihuahua and she is 12 weeks old. Both are awesome and so sweet and wonderful to have around the house. Ren is camera shy but Maggie is a camera ham.

There hasn't been a dull moment since these 2 came to live with us 2 weeks ago. They enjoy their daily walks as well as hubby and I and of course when we return the get a treat that Ren will dance for and Maggie is learning to do the same thing.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy 96th birthday Granny

Today is my granny's 96 birthday. And let me tell you she still lives at her house with the help from my mom. She is a proud great great grandmother. There are 5 generations of us.

She still likes to do things around the house, like this morning why my mom was asleep she got up and swept and moped the kitchen. She can still cook a great pot of pintos, and chicken casserole. And her most fav thing...... Watching the Atlanta Braves. She has been a fan for years.

This picture is of her and her great great grandson Gavyn. I never thought when I was a little one swinging on this swing with her that one day my grandson would be on the same swing with her. How awesome is that!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow Button/Yo-Yo Tree

We have our first item up for the Susan G Komen for the cure. It has free shipping and 100% goes towards breast cancer research.

Ebay seller and leader of this is mthrelean aka Miss Ellie, while your there check out her ebay shop for some fabulous buttons.
click on the picture to go to the pretty yo yo and button tree, it would make a lovely gift as not only will you have this beautiful tree, the money you pay will go to breast cancer research
click on the name to go to Miss Ellies shop

Friday, September 18, 2009

Introducing Terri aka the*littlest*stitch the next crafter for our Ebay auction

the*littlest*stitch aka Terri is the next crafter to promote for the Ebay Auction "Susan G Komen" for the cure

Now this woman can sew. and just look at the pretty's she is donating for the auction.
Don't you just love the teacup pin cushion?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Introducing our next ebay crafter for the cure

Now this lady can make hats. And she is donating a couple of her creations for this event.

She is wyndrose101 aka Barbara. And guess what she has an Etsy shop too with the cutiest little crochet cup cake hat.

Her Etsy shop is Top 2 Toes Boutique and click on her shop name or the picture of the cup cake hat to go to her shop.

The other 2 hats are for the upcoming Susan G Komen auction and links will be posted as the auctions go up

Friday, September 11, 2009

October is not that far away

Some wonderful Ebay sellers are preparing for an auction for the Susan G. Komen headquarters - for research for a cure for breast cancer. 100% will go, and we will give free shipping.

I will continue to update this event and as the auctions go up I will link to the auctions.

There are some crafty and creative women in this event and I will continue to promote each one through this month as we get closer to the auction

mthrelean aka Miss Ellie is the leader of this wonderful event and has an amazing assortment of buttons to tease you with
crochetpotholder aka Wanda has crocheted and knitted some great items for this event that will be going up for auction.
And when you win one of the auctions you will recieve a free necklace or pink ribbon pin to wear

Monday, September 07, 2009

To list or not to list

I am sometimes undecided as to list an item or not. Lot's of work has been put in to knitting these so can you really make money for your time as well as your supplies?

The yarn in the pink scarf is a wool yarn that is 8.00 a skein and it took 2 skeins to make it as well as a while to knit it then to felt it. So what would be a fair price to me and the buyer.

I have noticed when doing a search on etsy that prices vary . Some seem to have things that may seem to be a little pricey and then I notice some that some seem to sell their items maybe to low.

On the pricey items you have to ask yourself, how long did it take to make this and what was the cost of yarn. Now knitters and crocheters most of us have a general idea about the cost of yarn. Was it bought at a yarn shop or perhaps at a craft store. Was it knitted or crocheted

if you do both you know crocheting does go alot faster than knitted items But to someone who dosen't knit or crochet how do we explain that in our product description.

Please leave some comments and let's discuss the ways

Sunday, September 06, 2009

yey finally got some shank buttons listed

and have more in the making. I even started a Facebook fan page. Like what you see click on the picture to get it in my etsy shop

Saturday, September 05, 2009

I decided it was time to destash

I have an amazing collection of rubber stamps I have collected through the years and figured it was time to get rid of some of them. I also listed some great tunisian crochet hook's in an assortment of sizes. Come on by and check out my destash section.
Just click on the pictures to go to my Etsy shop .

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Yey I think I did it

So in the process of making buttons, I decided to try making some shank buttons. And I do believe I got it. I am so excited at how they turned out so this will be a whole new thing for me to do.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Finally got some more buttons made

Sometimes all a girl wants to do is knit and crochet but yesterday was a cool day here in NC so I decided to pull out the polymer clay and am pretty pleased with what I came up with.

crafting can be such a mess at times. even when I crochet or knit I am surrounded by skeins of yarn and add the polymer clay and supplies to that it is an unorganised mess or at least to the non crafter. To me it is just the way I need it.

I recently sold some buttons to an etsy seller michigan hemp and was so excited to see what she did with them. What a beautiful piece. Check out this shop for some real pretty items