Monday, September 07, 2009

To list or not to list

I am sometimes undecided as to list an item or not. Lot's of work has been put in to knitting these so can you really make money for your time as well as your supplies?

The yarn in the pink scarf is a wool yarn that is 8.00 a skein and it took 2 skeins to make it as well as a while to knit it then to felt it. So what would be a fair price to me and the buyer.

I have noticed when doing a search on etsy that prices vary . Some seem to have things that may seem to be a little pricey and then I notice some that some seem to sell their items maybe to low.

On the pricey items you have to ask yourself, how long did it take to make this and what was the cost of yarn. Now knitters and crocheters most of us have a general idea about the cost of yarn. Was it bought at a yarn shop or perhaps at a craft store. Was it knitted or crocheted

if you do both you know crocheting does go alot faster than knitted items But to someone who dosen't knit or crochet how do we explain that in our product description.

Please leave some comments and let's discuss the ways


  1. i would list the scarf, and i would sell it for about $40-$50. it is wool, and it is felted, and i think it is adorable, too. the caplet i'm not too sure about, i see a lot of them on etsy but i don't know how well they sell. personally, i don't wear them. go with the scarf, though. they've been very popular the past 2 years :)

  2. Hey Debbie,
    I always worry this point but lately I have been seeing my suppliers prices going up and up. What am I suppose to do ? huh . You need to decide what it is worth to you. On etsy I see people not making money and just giving their art away. To someone who truly appreicates the work they are very willing to pay for what they cannot do themselves. Also buying your supplies at better prices will bring down the cost. List it at what you feel it should be. You can always change the price at a later date. Diana