Friday, September 11, 2009

October is not that far away

Some wonderful Ebay sellers are preparing for an auction for the Susan G. Komen headquarters - for research for a cure for breast cancer. 100% will go, and we will give free shipping.

I will continue to update this event and as the auctions go up I will link to the auctions.

There are some crafty and creative women in this event and I will continue to promote each one through this month as we get closer to the auction

mthrelean aka Miss Ellie is the leader of this wonderful event and has an amazing assortment of buttons to tease you with
crochetpotholder aka Wanda has crocheted and knitted some great items for this event that will be going up for auction.
And when you win one of the auctions you will recieve a free necklace or pink ribbon pin to wear


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