Monday, July 24, 2006

Playing with medal

As well as knitting with wire I am now into making medal charms for my bracelets. These take a while to make. Cutting up cans then grinding, fileing and sanding and my fav hammering. I bought myself an anvil this weekend and I have been hammering away, Really gets some fustration out. But the end results are well worth it and each set seems to have a story to tell.

I also got a table grinder this weekend but that is gonna take some practice. I believe my dremil is probally a better choice for these than the grinder. However the grinder does make really cool knitting needles. '

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Has it been a month?

I believe I missed the whole month of June. Been busy. School is out and the grandkids keep me busy. I have been doing a lot of knitting with my wire and keep finding the best beads. Michaels has a whole new line of beads and I found a new little bead shop not to far from where I live.

I am also working almost daily in my paint shop program. Learning animations, making backgrounds and learning how to make picture tubes.

It is a rainy day in N C , I have the grandkids and we are all stuck in the house. We are gonna watch a movie in a few so will try and be back later.

Finally relax time. I am working on another bracelet. Even worked on a castle today with one of my grandson's. looks pretty good.

Well that is it for today. Just to tired to type much more. Besides hubby and I are watching Supernatural. Love that show.