Sunday, July 15, 2007

I decided to do a book review

I collect books like some people collect stamps, so what better topic to talk about. Of course the books I have are knit, crochet and crafty books.

I just bought the book "crochet inspiration" by Sasha Kagan. What a great book, lot's of pictures and lots of wonderful techniques. Beautiful motif patterns, flowers to crochet and beautiful grannies, from basic to lace and floral. A great book to add to your crochet library.

The knit book Alterknits by Leigh Radford has so many pretty projects in it. A crepe paper crown, a necklace knitted with silver wire and beads even paper lanterns.

Plus some beautiful sweaters and recycling old sweaters in to totes or handbags. It even comes with a great little creativity notebook. I love this book. It even shows you how to knit a screen door. How fun is that?

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