Saturday, July 19, 2008

Please help this ebay seller out

I have been selling on EBay for a few years now and also lead a couple of groups
doing this I have some great people all over the place. In my group Women over 40 we have a member who sells her items on Ebay to take care of the animals that she rescues.
She depends on this to make sure that the animals are fed and well taken care of until they can be adopted.
Well unfortunally about a week and a half ago she was out riding her horse Rosie and was hit head on bya drunk driver. Killing Rosie, Sara ended up with a broken arm and foot.
Her ebay name is lrfncritters and she could use the help now.Take a look at her auctions and maybe bid. She has some great childrens book up right nowthat are old and awesome. By clicking on the picture you can go straight to her auction.