Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I love going to the thrift store

I have found some amazing and wonderful goodies there. I found 2 large bags of wool yarn and decided to sell some of it in my Etsy shop. They sold quick but then one buyer had to leave a crap feedback. Now tell me how hard is to contact the person you purchased something from and let them know that you aren't happy. Instead they just leave a neutral feedback. I have no knowledge of previous owners or where the things I purchase may have been. I just get excited at an awesome purchase.

About a month ago I found a vintage sewing basket at the thrift store with probally 150 spools of vintage thread. Now I really don't need that much thread so I list some and now I have to hope for the best.

So the way I see it is if your a picky person stay away from vintage items because you never know where it has been or who may have had it last.


  1. That is so true on vintage items. That is part of their have a history!

    Have a great day!


  2. I love thrift shopping, too. You can pick up Such wonderful things!

    But I'm sorry to hear about the not-great feedback. I hope all the other feedback you get is GREAT!