Monday, April 04, 2011

What I like to call the black fat now known as the black flap

Growing up  my brother and I use to call  the big black  and yellow carpenter bee  "black fat"  It is mostly black  and a fat bee.  Well it's that time of year for these bees to be all over the place and of course now being an adult I simply ignore them  and often try to snap pictures of them as I see them on flowers.

Well the other day Gavyn was here  and he came running in saying grandma  get it so I went out realizing that he was talking about the carpenter bee  or for me the "black fat"  so I told him oh hunny its just a black fat  it won't bother you  it's just flying around.  He started to laugh at the name  and now it is know as the "black flap"

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  1. Debbie that is cute, I guess it depends on where you live as we called them yellow Jackets, even though I do not think that was what they were, some call them bumble bees!