Sunday, October 02, 2011

Your life can change in a split second

September 12th started like any other day.  My husband was off that day  so we go up and had our coffee and was waiting for Direct Tv to come and hook up our satellite.  The guy was having a hard time trying to get at signal due to all the trees around so Mike decided that if he could climb up a ladder and cut a couple of branches that might make a difference.  I had walked around to the basement to put a load of laundry in  and had said "Lord please don't let him fall"

 About the time I got the washer going I heard a voice yell  Mrs. Stuckey  he fell. I went running to find my husband laying on the ground and trying to catch his breath. Instead of calm I went to to panic mode.  I have never been hystercial  before and really hope to never again.  I ran in the house grabbed the phone and dialed 911,  and managed to give them my address.  They were here quickly and took him to the hospital informing me that I needed  to calm down and not to try and drive  to call some one.  I swear I could hardly make phone calls.

What seemed like forever my son got to the house and I frankly don't remember the drive to the hospital, all I knew was I just needed to know my husband was alive and was going to be ok.

After scans they seen that my husband had broke his back, his right wrist,  Thank God no internal bleeding and still had feeling in his legs and feet.  The doctor said it was a bad break and he was extremely lucky not to be paralyzed.

From the moment of the fall it has changed our lives, until his back heals he is depended on me for a lot of things, things that we all take for granted  like taking a bath or getting dressed.  He has to wear a back brace at all times  and has a cast on his right arm, sleeping for him is difficult and at this time there is no money coming into the house and that is a scary thing. 

Some how I know that everything will be ok, that God is looking out for us and is with us thru it all.


  1. Debbie,
    My prayers go out to you and your husband, I pray for the Lords healing touch, and for you to be able to carry on being the one that is doing everything now, oh and also for the $ to come in for you.

    God bless...btw did the cable man ever install the Direct Tv? I was just curious :)

  2. Thank you Joyce and no we haven't had Direct TV back can't really afford it now :)