Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Watching my granny change daily

My granny has always been a part of my life. As a little girl we grew up living next door to her  and then as we got older just a street over.  So many wonderful memories.
She is now 98 years old  and she is so feeble and sickly that it is so hard seeing her this way as she has always been a very independent woman. Up till a few years ago it was nothing to see her outside mowing her yard or raking leaves  and seeing laundry on the clothes line.  Every Sunday she was at church until she became unable to attend.

Now my mom is a real trooper as she has been living with granny since my daddy passed away 4 and 1/2 years ago and helping to take care of her.  In the past few months we have really watched a decline in my granny's health  as her appetite declined so badly that she now weighs 76 lbs  and that was a couple of weeks ago so probally less now.   She is completley bed ridden  and has to be feed  and changed. getting her to eat at this point is a very hard task. We might be able to get a little oatmeal in her or perhaps 1/2 a bannana or maybe a little doughnut.

The granny I am seeing now is so different than the granny I grew up with.  We now have Hospice coming in to help with certain things  and have has to reassure granny that no she does not have cancer.  My mom does everything for her and I help as much as I can.  It was a sad terrible thing to watch my daddy in his last days suffering with cancer and this is just as sad although she doesn't have cancer  she has just got old.

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  1. Oh Debbie, I know how hard this is, I helped take care of my grandma, when she came to live with my mom, I was the one who bathed her, and towards the end, the body systems start to fail and eating is not something they want to do, if you can try when you see her to just keep that happy face on for her and not to think of how she is deteriorating.
    Lean on the Lord for your strength...