Thursday, June 07, 2012

Twitter Tree

The Twitter Tree© will be hosted by a different shop each business day.

The Twitter Tree© will is hosted by a different shop each business day.

 The Rules to participate:
You must tweet ALL the other posts here. 
(It is not fair to those of us who tweet your items, when you don't reciprocate)
Only two (2) hashtags
Check back during the day to tweet any new posts.
Post only two (2) items.
No google+ stuff. This is the Twitter Tree©
Add your Twitter ID to your post (mine is @crochet18purple) 
No "mature" items.
Here are mine
Crochet  ankle tie and beaded barefoot sandals  @crochet18purple - Crochet on ArtFire...
#artfire #RETWT

Lime Green beaded crochet barefoot sandals @crochet18purple -
Crochet on ArtFire. #artfire



  1. Good morning!

    Adorable OWL Pincushion #MadeInAmerica @christiecottage #retwt

    Hand Painted Scripture Card Romans 8:28 #Christian @ChristieCottage #artfire #Bible


  2. Tom's

    Dresser Top Vanity from Solid Cherry and a 10 inch moveable mirror | TRocheWoodDesigns #artfire @piesafetommy #retwt

    4 Drawer Jewelry Box in Solid Cherry | TRocheWoodDesigns - Woodworking on ArtFire... #artfire @piesafetommy #retwt


  3. Organizing Etsy stuff and cleaning like a madwoman today. Leaving for FL on Monday for a week and really want to come home to a clean house!

    Now these are fun #Vintage Aluminum Coasters/Ashtrays/Trinket Dishes GotMilkGlassAndMore via @Etsy #ecochic #retwt

    Simply beautiful #Vintage Steubenville Ivory Rose Plates and Sugar by GotMilkGlassAndMore via @Etsy #retwt #ecochic

  4. Good Morning!

    Here are mine:

    Mom, you need something for summer! Satin Flower Skinny Metal Headband by @hannahmia01 via @Etsy #retwt

    Taking a summer vacation to #Disney? Mini Fuzzy Felt Mouse Pretty Flower Hair Clip by @hannahmia01 via @Etsy #retwt

    Thank you and happy sales!!

  5. Good morning! Hope the morning is as beautiful there as it is here :) Here are my two for today:

    4 a Beach Babe! Fab Shiva shell, orange coral & sterling #handmade necklace! @ShadowDogDesign #retwt

    What a fab blue! Lapis lazuli, Czech glass & Thai silver #handmade earrings! @ShadowDogDesign #retwt

    Thanks everyone! Off to start tweeting.

  6. HEre's Mine!!

    NEW!! Golden Brown Braided Friendship Bracelet by @beausbitsandbob via @Etsy #retwt #handmadebot

    Pink Baby Booties Newborn to 3months via @Etsy #retwt #boebot

  7. Tweeted and scheduled the first item of everyone above. Time to walk the puppy. Will be back for the rest in a little while.

  8. Good Morning

    Here are two beady things today:

    Euro Style Bead Green Butterfly Flower Large by polymerclaybeads via @Etsy #retwt #handmadebot

    Loom Work Beaded Bracelets Pattern Book Seed by polymerclaybeads via @Etsy #retwt #handmadebot

    Hope everyone has a great day
    Julie and Blu

  9. Good Morning!

    I <3 this! Hypoallergenic Picasso Jasper Stone Bracelet by ElunaJewelry #retwt #madeinusa

    Small Copper Hoop Earrings by ElunaJewelry via @Etsy #retwt #bestofetsy

    will tweet in a few

  10. I have tweeted thru Julie & Blu.

    Swag wants me to tel you she will return next week



  11. Morning all! Here are my tweets:

    I need a new #tote for #summer, do you like this one?
    #retwt #handmadebot

    My sister is going to #Disneyland, everything she needs fits in this tiny little bag #retwt #handmadebot

  12. Here are mine today:

    Handmade #Lemongrass Potpourri Home Fragrance by ButterflyInTheAttic via @Etsy #handmadebot @butterflysattic #retwt

    Handmade #Lavender Potpourri Relaxing Home Fragrance ButterflyInTheAttic @Etsy #handmadebot @butterflysattic #retwt

    I also spent several hours this morning writing a very informational blog on potpourri and featuring some of our fellow Etsy shops. I really hope you get a chance to stop by at:

    Off to tweet
    Have a Blessed Morning

  13. Tweeted or scheduled everyone to here...bbl to look for late comers!!

    Happy sales everyone

  14. Have everyone tweeted and scheduled. Will check back later

  15. Tweeted everyone and after fighting with twuffer only have half of scheduled. I will give it a breather and try again

  16. I think I got everyone... I will check back later! :o)

  17. finally I was able to schedule everyone. So we are all set
    Happy sales to everyone

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