Friday, September 05, 2008

Home made Chicken Stew

As fall approaches I and especially my husband look forward to the cooler days and a pot of home made chicken stew. Talk about comfort food this is so good and just warms you all over.

Here is how to make it


chicken, better with breast and some dark meat
evaporated milk
whole milk
salt to taste

wash and skin your chicken, using a large pot fill with enough water to cover your chicken and cook till done. Add your butter to the water and chicken.

Remove the chicken and let it cool because you will be removing it from the bones.
using a strainer and another pot strain your broth so as to remove any possible bones that may be in there.

Take 5 tablespoons of flour and put in a plastic container with a lid, add some whole milk.
place lid on and shake till flour mixture is dissolved, you can also use a wire whisk for mixing this as well.

Place your strainer over the pot and pour the flour mixture in. By using the strainer you will eliminate lumps. Stir the mixture in the pot. If it doesn't appear to be thick enough repeat above process.

Add your evaporated milk and your whole milk, keeping your burner on med so as not to scorch the soup. Add your chicken and stir. When hot, ladle yourself a big bowl with crackers and sprinkle a little pepper.

Refrigerate the leftovers

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