Thursday, September 18, 2008

Polymer clay and shaving cream?

Well the other day I was surfing the web and found on crafts. I was excited so I checked it out and there was directions for doing polymer clay with shaving cream. I had the supplies so I started playing. Now you have to keep in mind that if your item need a hole you out that in before you start the process. Using a heat gun starts the baking process and to try and put your hole in after will make it crumble.

you will need:
shaving cream
polymer clay
alcohol ink
heat gun
small bowl
tooth picks or a small paint brush

prepare your clay

Take your shaving cream and put some in a bowl
add a few drops of your ink using 2 different colors and mix
using your brush apply over the raw clay
use your heat gun as this will melt the shaving cream and spread the dyes

Bake as usual

For more info on this fun craft you can go to

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