Wednesday, December 23, 2009

cookies, shawl pins and buttons

I was in a baking mood today although this has been a hectic day. My next batch is m&m cookies. all those ingredients and only 3 dozen. Was hoping for more. So I also made some new shawl pins and buttons. Of course I use 2 separate ovens as I don't want my cookies tasting like polymer clay. Tomorrow is Christmas eve and have yet another batch of cookies to bake and shopping to do .


  1. I love the new shawl pin!

    You know I love your buttons too!

    Happy baking!

  2. Here's a little polymer clay tip: If you bake your buttons in a 13X9 pan and use another 13X9 on top and then use metal clips to keep them closed, you won't have the PC fumes in your oven :)


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