Monday, December 21, 2009

Today is my son David's 31st birthday

David was actually due December 7th and was in no hurry to come. On the 14th he was still staying put. Well on the 20th the doctor told me that if I didn't go into labor they would put me in the hospital on the 26th to induce. Well on December the 21st I woke up to that first contraction. My dad took me to the doctor and sure enough David was on his way. The doc told me instead of putting me right in the hospital I should go walking. So my dad and I went by my mom's work and when I waddled in she was like "what are you doing here?" She was please to find out I was in labor. So I picked my granny up and we went shopping. we walked and the contractions started getting closer even freaked a few people out in the stores.

Later on that evening I was determined not to get to that hospital to soon as David is my second son and I remembered all to well laying there waiting to have Tommy and was going to go when I had to. We even had out Christmas get together that evening and me contracting every 2 min. every time I made a face everyone would look at their watch. Finally I was convinced that I need to go on to the hospital.

I remember getting there and they ask me what kind of anesthesia I wanted. I said knock me out, they said "we don't do that any more" well that sure wasn't the time to tell me that.
Then I was introduced to the epidural.

At 9:49 that evening not long after getting to the hospital David was born. I got to go home on Christmas eve with the best Christmas present ever and another Christmas party.

Now this picture is a couple of years old of David but I found it last night and we were laughing about the "Harry Potter" glasses so I played some and this is a picture of David with his daughter Emily as the fairy


  1. Happy Birthday David!!!

    He's good looking and Fairy Emily is adorable too!

    I hope the birthday dinner last night was lots of fun!

  2. Waaaay cool pics and a good looking son...even with the HP glasses. I wish I could learn to do stuff like that with my pics