Monday, November 15, 2010

Good things come to those who wait

About a month or so ago  after a long hot summer  I got up on a Saturday  morning, was having a me day  and had a few dollars  so  I hit  some yard sales.  I was having lot's of fun  and then  I hit  the mother of all yards sales if your a crafter  that is.  There was fabric, yarn  and you name it there  and the sweetest woman who was selling this. A life long crafter  that just  needed  to get rid  of  some of her stash.  We  talked  and laughed  and shared  story's  almost as if  we had always  new each other.  Then  she mentioned  she had  lot's of buttons  to go through.  So I gave her my number  for her to call me  when  she was ready with those buttons.  About  2 weeks  later she called  and back to her home I went, more fabric, buttons, batting  you name it.  Well  we got to talking  and I told her  that I had always  wanted a dress form.  But just couldn't pay  the high cost at the fabric shop's.  I have been searching thrift  shops  and such  and no luck.  So this past Saturday  she called  and told me she was getting  more  things together  and I could come by  about 1:00.  So I was there.  and let me tell you when I got  there  the first thing that caught my eye  was a vintage  dress form.  She gave it to me.  I could not have been more  excited.  We put it in the car  and I brought it home  so excited  I could have burst.
So  it is right  good  things happen  to those who wait,  may not happen today  or this year  but it will happen

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