Thursday, November 25, 2010

Twitter Tree Thursday and Happy Thanksgiving

Wasn't really sure about this today  as foing a lot of cooking  and first thing was to get the turkey in the oven  and that is always an ordeal.  23lbs this year  and then of course is the cleaning  and getting that plastic thing out  that is always alot of fun .  It seems  as if  those things are buried in  so here comes hubby  with wire cutters  to try and get that thing out.  For the moment  this is the calm before the real storm.  Lots of cooking to do and everyone will be here at 1:30  So now lets get this twitter tree going  and see what happens

Welcome to the Twitter Tree!


Here is a list of three items (clickable links) that I would like for you to tweet for me.
You tweet one or all of them.
You post the item(s) you tweeted for me along with your twitter account so I can follow you, and list 1-3 items (clickable links) from any of your online shops that you would like for me to tweet for you. ( No "mature" items, please). Be sure the item is twitter ready. (See below
I will post what I tweeted for you.

By reaching out thru blogger and blog follower's twitter accounts, we will reach a new audience of viewers and hopefully land some sales. Afterall, we all have our online shops to make money.

The Twitter Tree will be hosted by a different shop each business day.


Be sure and stop by and be a part of the twitter tree each day. We will promote this way until mid-December and then take a one month break.

Here are my three

Desmo orange leather handbag

2 Vintage metal and rhinestone buttons

Beautiful Hand crafted Necklace and earrings set


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

    My items for today

    Win 2 beautiful handmade cards
    #etsy #handmade #CAPSteam # BlueBird

    6 Handmade Angel Tags for $1
    #handmade #CAPSteam #BlueBird

    For the professional
    #etsy #handmade #CAPSTeam #BlueBird

  2. Yours are tweeted Debbie :-)

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    Please stop by and enter the new giveaway! Everyone can use these beautiful cards :-)

  3. Tweeted Christie Cottage and Debbies!

    Here's mine:

    Black Friday Sale -Prints are 50% off regular price-prices already reduced. @Etsy

    BLACK FRIDAY SALE Watered Down Fine Art by Crystalphotography @Etsy

    BLACK FRIDAY SALE 2011 Calendar of Seasons by Crystalphotography @Etsy