Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I have just been so busy

And so far behind on blogging.  2 weeks ago  we had 3 baby kittens born  and I really need to get a pic up as they are cute as they can be.  We had a cat dropped off about 2 months ago I guess someone didn't want her so we started feeding her  and then I noticed the tummy,  now I was hoping to see the kittens being born  and it happened.  I had a crate set up for her to go into to feel safe.  So I am setting here  and she was on the couch  and suddenly I heard this unusual  meow  and she was started to lick her area,  I picked her up  and took her to the crate  and actually just in time.  within moments  the first kitten was born,  and then it wasn't long till there were 2 more to follow.  I was so excited to watch this event as I had never seen this before. 

The kittens are now 2 weeks old, their little eyes are open and they are getting about ready to explore the new world around them.  Mama cat is great  and in about 4 more weeks  will be spayed.  The vet said  the earliest I could get her spayed would be at 6 weeks  and to try and have the kittens weened  just in case her milk gets messed up during the surgery.

Notes of interest:
A cat carries her kittens for 9 weeks
as the kittens are being born  the mom immediately starts cleaning and eats  the afterbirth from each kitten

As soon as a cat has her kittens  she will go back into heat  and could have another litter in as little as 9 weeks
So when I get her spayed  she will already be pregnant

Baby kittens are born blind and deaf  they rely on smell  to get to their mom and nurse
There eyes will open in 7 to 10 days  but they still don't see very well  and their eyes will be blue changing later to the color they will be

The mom helps the kittens to use the bathroom by licking the genital area stimulating the bladder and bowels and at about 3 weeks of age they kittens will start to use the bathroom on their own.  They are automatically  drawn to use a little box  so have one handy


  1. Oh Debbie, that is so fun, to have seen kittens born when I was a kid, I have seen a horse born and when I had my kids we had hamsters and I was there when one of the litters was born.

    New life that is wonderful! Meow meow!!!!

  2. Aw, adorable kittens. Thanks for sharing.