Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tea Dying tiles and beads

I received my email from Cloth Paper Scissors  the other day  and there was a section on tea dying tiles. Well of course this intrigues me  so I find some tiles in a game at the thrift store.  Now keep in mind  you can use regular tea for this but you will get a brownish stain to the tiles.  For me I wanted more  so you can get a great tea called Passion tea at Starbucks that is a red colored tea.  You need patience though  they aren't going to dye in a few minutes it is best to let the set over night   You can go to the link above at Cloth Paper Scissors to get full instructions for this project as I got inspired by them.


  1. Very neat work w/the tiles! I am your newest follower from Etsy (iluvmarin):
    please take a moment to check out my blog...I have just recently started it!
    Wishing you continued success!! :-)

  2. Wow that is something I never knew about, really nice work!