Monday, October 25, 2010

Bonanza Monday

Selling on three differant sites can get confusing at times. So I have decided to do a blog promo on all the sites. Today it's Bonanza. You can list a lot of differant items there and it's basically free. You set the price. It is a cool site for getting rid of some things you no longer need and there is even a chat window where you can chat with people that are visiting your shop. I like selling my pocketbooks that I don't carry any more and have sucessfully sold a couple. Check out this cool handbag I have there and who knows you might just want to list something there too
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  1. When you asked me about it, I thought you menat BOnanzle. I think that is another site too!

    So many places....

    Good luck with sales.


    I didn't see Today's Twitter Tree Link posted :-(

  2. I like your new purse, very pretty!