Saturday, March 19, 2011

I just have to ask why?

Yesterday Gavyn and I had some running to do so since T J Max was across the street from Fresh Market I wanted to go in there for a bit and look around.  So I get out of my car  and go around to get Gavyn.  We started to walk  and when I went to step off the medium I fell and I fell hard, I landed on my left knee, skinning and bruising it  and apparently twisted my right ankle.  It was such a shock  and the pain was bad  that I almost passed out, but I still had gavyn by the hand.  I told him  we needed to set there for a moment to let me get my self together.  He looked at me  and said  "grandma you scared me"  well scared grandma too.

Now  the thing that concerned me the most  is NO ONE  came  to help.  And  there was a woman setting in her car right next to my car  and people on the side walk  but  no one came to see if I was ok.  Now if it had been just me  that wouldn't have bugged me so much  but the fact  that I had a 5 year old with me has really concerned me.

What is wrong with people?  I would have went to someone to make sure they were ok.  Isn't that the humane thing to do?  Especially when you see  that they have a young child with them


  1. That's terrible! I remember watching a woman struggle to get someone into a wheelchair at the doctors office. The spaces where it reads "handicapped" are on a hill. Many people walked by and didn't help this elderly woman. I know, I sat there and watched, but with my heart, I knew I could not lift that man.

    I got out and went and helped her anyway. Then I told the doctors office that if they have appointments from someone who is wheelchair bound, that the receptionist or another staff member should be keeping an eye out that door to help.

    I am glad you are ok and that Gavyn is ok too!


  2. Debbie, first of all I am glad that you are ok, please take care of that ankle by putting it up to help reduce the swelling.

    And second of all, that is just awful that no one came to your rescue, I have helped many people that I see need it, just too bad that there are not more people that do that.

    Take care

  3. Thank you Jacki and Joyce, I feel as if we are suppose to help others, that is just the right thing to do

  4. Debbie, I'm so glad that you and Gavyn were okay. It's a shame that people won't help others anymore. Like you, I think we are supposed to help one another and I do, every chance I get. I couldn't look a myself in the mirror if I didn't. Feel better soon.