Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Decoupageing with my digital's

Doing digital's  I learn something new all the time.  Just because it is a 300*300  doesn't necessarily mean  that  that is the only way you can print it.  With some of the sample I did  the bug was done as a 300*300  and the lady was done as a 500*500, just printed in 2 different  sizes.  I figured I better get some samples done to show some if the ways these digital images can be used.  This is just the beginning of what these can be used for.  I used 3 coats of gloss Mod Podge, letting the dry thoroughly between each coat.  Then I waited 24 hours and sprayed with a high gloss sealer


  1. Hi Debbie, I used to do Decoupaging, I use a product called Build 50, I am not sure they sell it any more, I used a rasp and would do the edges, then stain the edges, and then I would put the picture on it, I still have them :)

    Thanks for showing us this, your bugs are cute :)

  2. Looks great!


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