Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Ideas for fall already

So I am watching the Michael Kors  fall fashion show and here is what I seen.  The colors were  gray,  beige, a mauve color  and a beautiful purple  almost a grape color.  The accessories were big chokers wide cuff bracelets and platform heels.  Now 2 things that really caught my eye was an over the shoulder  faux  fur pocketbook  that looked very similar to one I crocheted a few years ago ( time to bring out the hook and furry yarn) The second was a beautiful wide scarf  with the pockets on each end.   Just throwing out some ideas here.

Now  about more digital's  I have been working hard preparing some retro and vintage divas for some up coming projects  here are some completed ones that will soon make an appearance in my shops .  I took lot's of patterns  that I purchased at  the thrift shops  and scanned  and started  erasing, editing, repairing some to get this group together.

I have put in a freebie today.  It is 500*500 in size  and 300 dpi's just right click  and save

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  1. Nice job on the digitals, the divas are pretty!

    That is very interesting about the colors for fall, its amazing how the seasons just fly by...