Wednesday, January 18, 2012

About my great aunt Eva

 I remember as a young girl going to my aunt Eva's house  and playing and having so much fun, and 2 things that really stand in my memory is her coo coo clock  and her weeping willow tree.  Setting in her den and watching tv with her.  I recall a special time with my great aunt  when I spent the night with her.  I got up the next morning and she made me some cereal  and it was my first time seeing skim milk and of course being a kid I was telling her "this milk dose not look right"  Later on we got dressed  and went and caught the bus  and went down town for some shopping.  She even bought me a doll house that day.  What  wonderful memory's  I have of her.  Now I have a bracelet she made me at the age of 100

Aunt Eva is my granny's older sister  and is 101 years old.  Over the past weekend she developed a UTI and was hospitalized.  On Monday I ask my mom how was she doing and at that point she was showing some improvement.  However by Monday night she had taken a turn for the worse  and was suffering kidney failure and at her age there is really nothing they can do. So now she is at hospice.  She will be missed

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