Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A new crochet project

So sometimes I just start crocheting and don't know what I am making till suddenly it just happens.  I had thought about doing a pocketbook  and then I started looking at it as a neck warmer  and that is what it became.
however I decided to kick it up  and instead of the usual button closure I decided  that I would make some flowers  and use one of the loops of the flowers  to hook around the button,

Now meet Lily  this is the little maltise that I am training for my mother in law, she still has to convince her husband to let her have a dog.  Cute as a button but don't let that sweet little face fool you she is a fiesty one.
I have her about 90 % paper trained, she is now crate trained  and she does know the word no  especially  when I see her grab some yarn or a shoe to try and cut her teeth on.

I can say this  she is a very smart dog  and they are people dogs  they love to be around you at all times

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