Tuesday, January 10, 2012

sometimes you feel like running away

There are times that I feel so over whelmed that I just would like to get in my car  and run away. Having my husband around me all the time is hard as I really get no me time  and then he wonders why I get grumpy. Well it's because you can't be around someone 24/7 and them not get on your nerves.

Then we have the issue with granny.  There are decisions to be made and trying to make the right one at times isn't easy.  She is 98 years old  and has been in her home  over 62 years.  Back in December my uncle has come up from SC and started the process of having her put in a nursing home, talk about stress it almost appeared that she wouldn't be in her home for Christmas, well prayers were prayed  and wouldn't you know my granny put her foot down and said "I am not going"  turns out they were going to take all but 66 dollars a month from her and get this make her sell her home to pay for her stay.

 Turns out once you make the choice to move out of your home and go to a rest home medicare can make you sell your home in order to pay for your expenses and then once the money is gone they take over again. My granny and grandpa worked to many years and have taken great pride in their home to let this happen. So now what?

I have been the one since my dad passed away that takes granny and mama to their doc appointments and such but now  granny can't get down her front steps  and she doesn't have a wheel chair ramp so there is the option of Hospice.  Kinda of a creepy thing because we usually think of cancer and such but I have discovered that they can supply all of her needs right there at her home and she will be able to stay there and keep her home.  We will see what happens


  1. Debbie, sounds to me like you need some time to yourself with regards to being around your husband 24/7, just get out and have some ME time, or announce to him that from this time to that time you are having some undisturbed time.

    I sure hope that it all works out with your Granny, that idea of the hospice coming in is great actually but maybe there is a way to make some kind of ramp so you can get her out of the house.

    Prayers for you on all of this.

  2. Thank you I really appreciate the prayers and advice