Monday, December 13, 2010

I will not let Christmas beat me this year

I know  that in the past I have let Christmas beat me down.  Through stress  and exhaustion.  It was a non stop rush  that left me with migraines, lots of stress  and by the time Christmas came I was to tired to enjoy things.  Well I made the decission  that I wasn't going to let that happen  and so a new tradition is born.

My family loves to eat, so with that in mind  I am doing the gift of food.  I am baking everyone cakes this year  so when they get up Christmas they will have a cake made by me to enjoy for Christmas day. I have 7 to make and really looking forward to it.

Cheese Party !  this year I decided that since we are cheese nuts (don't think I have ever met a Cheddar I didn't like  even the sharpest)  and my hubby and kids agree  so we are going to have a cheese party, all different kinds, with a variety of crackers and bread.  Followed with hot chocolate or coffee  and of course cheese cake

When my boys were little  they loved  the cheese ball I always made  so here is how simple it is and yes it will be at the party

cheddar spread
cream cheese
blue cheese
1tsp garlic salt
1 T Worcester sauce
crushed pecans
parsley (optional)

Let you cheeses come to room temperature. In a mixing bowl mix  the cheeses  and the garlic salt and Worcesters sauce.  blend well.  Form into a ball on a plate and then cover with pecans and parsley.
put in the fridge  to firm back up  and then serve with crackers or bread

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  1. I love the cheese party and baking the cakes is a great idea!

    Thanks for the pic that is so nice of you, I am working on getting the pic on my blog and trying to have it link people to your blog.

  2. that is so sweet of you thank you

  3. Christmas stress...ARGH!!!!!!!

    Glad you are passing on it this year!

    Thanks for the link to the Twitter Tree today.