Thursday, December 02, 2010

Twitter Tree Thursday and a Christmas banner give away too

Welcome to the Twitter Tree!

Here is a list of three items (clickable links) that I would like for you to tweet for me.

2 beautiful glass black and marcasite buttons
Beautiful Hand crafted Necklace and earrings set
Desmo orange leather handbag

You tweet one or all of them.

You post the item(s) you tweeted for me along with your twitter account so I can follow you, and list 1-3 items (clickable links) from any of your online shops that you would like for me to tweet for you. ( No "mature" items, please). Be sure the item is twitter ready. (See below

I will post what I tweeted for you.

By reaching out thru blogger and blog follower's twitter accounts, we will reach a new audience of viewers and hopefully land some sales. Afterall, we all have our online shops to make money.

The Twitter Tree will be hosted by a different shop each business day.


Be sure and stop by and be a part of the twitter tree each day. We will promote this way until mid-December and then take a one month break.

Now  the Christmas Banner give away.  When you comment today  for the twitter tree  you are entered for a chance to win this banner  and avatar.  I made this yesterday  and it is ready to go  all it needs is your shop name.  So tweet  and get tweeted  and get a chance  to have this banner for your Etsy shop.
I will announce  the winner in the morning !


  1. I'm the first one to comment!! WOOHOO!!

    Here are my 3 items:

    TODAY ONLY: Ornament of the Month Club (1/2 Membership)
    Was $25 - NOW $20

    Snowman Rusty Tin Ornament

    Snow Angel Coaster

  2. Hi Debbie,
    here are my items:

    Great warm hand knit baby set: #handknit #bluebird

    Red hand knit throw: #handmade #bluebird

    Bamboo hand knit pillow: #handmade #bluebird

    Thanks and I am off to tweet all of the rest of you

  3. Good morning

    Headband, Purple & Black Flowers with accents
    #BlueBird, #Handmade #CAPSteam

    Reversible Headband, Aqua and Teal Print Solid #BlueBird, #Handmade #CAPSteam

    Hand Painted, Gift Bags #BlueBird, #Handmade #CAPSteam

  4. Done! Here's mine!

    Gift for the man! #bluebird #etsy

    For the musician: #bluebird #etsy

    Instock (another men's gift idea) #bluebird #etsy

  5. we need more comments and items to tweet

  6. Sorry so late! I had a lot to do today, and haven't been on much. Here are my items, and I'll tweet everyone else's items in a minute.

    Huge sale over at @PMaximDesigns! Every item is 15% off! Check it out for great deals for holiday presents! #bluebird

    Hearts Dangling necklace by @PMaximDesigns This necklace is hip and great for everyday wear! #handmade #bluebird

    Blue Tears Earrings by @PMaximDesigns Vintage lucite in navy blue make these great for everyday! #handmade #bluebird

  7. All tweeted. Will retweet in a bit. :)