Sunday, December 12, 2010

It is better to give than to recieve

The other day I was doing some cleaning  and discovered I had lot's of change in my pocketbooks I had not carried in a while.  About 6.00 worth.  Well I got to thinking that perhaps I should put all that change  in the Salvation Army kettle.  So I figure if  alot of people did that  thhink of the moeny that could be raised to help others.  So dig around  and see what you can find  and make that donation . No matter how small  it all adds up in the end  and relly it is the season for giving.

Craigs List-- Through the years I have found i have lots of Christmas decorations  as you know we usually make or buy some every year.  So if I am not using all of them I decided to share.  I put a free listing on craigs list  and gave them to someone who needed them so they could decorate for Christmas  I am sure if you dig around  you will find that you have some extra's too  so share the extra's

Try  and buy 1 toy and donate no matter how small you might think it is  come Christmas morning a child is going to smile

Now from me to you  Some Christmas gift tags.  Just save the picture and print and use on your gifts
remember to click on it first to make it larger


  1. Wonderful post today.

    I made and donated 15 leather keyfobs/chains and a bunch of gift cards wallets to our Youth group for their booth last night. I also gave hand painted ornaments to every family at church adn I took and extra wrapped gift for a little girl today. I am not done yet, but I have certainly started sharing my talents of gift making.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  2. Jacki you rock with all you do
    you are awesome

  3. Great Post Debbie, My husband and I got to spoil a child that goes to the recovery program we help at weekly, we bought all the things the mom requested on the list and then some...was so fun to do that for a child that might not be getting much, and the party we had for all the kids last night just melted our hearts.

    Good reminder of these things we can do for others...Thanks

    OH yeah I am getting lots of compliments on my avitar :))))))))))))))))) You are the best!