Thursday, January 06, 2011

Before and after photo

It is a rare opportunity to see my boys in suits.  So at the viewing of there grandmother, I was able to get some photos  that others has taken of them dressed up, now the one problem was  their dad (my ex) and half brother was in all the pics  and well I just couldn't have that so what to do.  Oh yea  I can erase those 2 right out of the picture.  And erase I did,  now I am not a professional  by no means  but I do know how to get this done.  so here are the finished pictures.  Now you can't always erase some one out of your life  but you can erase them out of a picture


  1. Great looking guys. Cool software too!


  2. Great job! I've never taken anyone out of a photo, but I've added in. I do love photo editing.