Friday, January 07, 2011

A tragedy in Stokes County

So I am talking with my mom yesterday morning  and she tells me  that on the news  there was a fire in Stokes county with one fatality.  Well a little while later she calls  to tell me that it was my sisters bother in laws trailer that had burned down, but they were at work.  Well  not long after that  she called back to tell me  that  someone was in the trailer and they didn't make it out.  It was my sister's  sister in law.

What a devastating blow  to hear this.  You hear so much on the news  and think how terrible but when it is someone you know  it takes on a whole new meaning.  The fire started around 5 in the morning  and  went out of  control very quickly.  The entire double wide was burnt to the ground, every thing was destroyed including a young wife and mother and their  cocker spaniel fur baby.

The family is devastated to say the least.  Lots of prayers is needed  and much appreciated.  My niece is so upset at the loss of her aunt, a husband missing his wife  and a daughter missing her mother.  What a tragic way for someone to die, but through the fire  I know Jesus was taking her by the hand  and taking her to paradise


  1. OH Debbie, this is so sad. GOD called her home.

    Prayers for the family.



  2. Oh Debbie what a great way to explain that Jesus took her to paradise, its hard for those left here on earth.

    Sorry about this.