Friday, January 21, 2011

I don't think we are Beef bourguignon kinda folks

So I followed  this time consuming recipe to the T, had all my ingredients, followed all the steps, and when it finally came down  to hubby and I eating we both looked at each other and agreed all we could really taste was the wine,  now  we are not wine drinkers actually we don't drink at all  so this was kind of a shock to us.
Maybe I used the wrong kinda of wine even though I asked a wine expert at the store what he would suggest to use.
There are several recipes on the web for Beef bourguignon so maybe I choose a bad one as it did call for a whole bottle of wine and for the meat to marinate for 8 hours in wine,  so no wonder it tasted like wine.

I did look up the recipe from Julia Child  and I did see the same ingredients with a couple of exception's 1 being 2 cups of wine not a bottle  and not marinating it for 8 hours.  So should I ever tackle this again  I will follow Julia Child's recipe  and hope I can taste other things besides  the wine.

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  1. It looks good to me! Any leftovers? :-)

    I am going to be clicking your Top 100 link for you.


  2. It looks yummy, but you're right--a whole bottle of wine sounds kind of over-the-top. Never have tried the recipe, just too much work for me, lol. I give you Big creds for doing it!