Thursday, May 18, 2006

Felting, do you do it?

Busy day today. I have a great crochet belt to complete. Gonna look great with my gypsy skirts. Then I have some flip flops to do as well as get things up in my EBay store. My Ebay id is crochet18purple. Check it out. My store name is of course A Needle In The Haystack. I also have some listings on Blu Jay as well and even on the Lion Brand Yarn Boutique.

Well they sent Elliott home. He is a great singer and I believe that he will go far.

I will be back in a while. I guess I really need to get busy.

Well I finally got some EBay auctions up. yey. It took me over an hour just to edit my pics. Not to mention all the cleaning I have been doing today. I have even managed to work on my belt some. I hope to have it finished tonight and I can post a picture tomorrow.

The pocketbooks above were knitted with wool and novelty yarn. Then felted. They were alot bigger before they hit the hot water. But I just love how the stitches blend together. I also did the same process with bracelets. When they dry you can emblish them with novelty yarns or beads.

By the way. My EBay store is A needle in the haystack too and my id is crochet18purple
Check it out.

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