Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mothers Day 2006

First of all Happy Mother's day to all. The day started off kinda rocky. Our kitty Buttercup was hit by a car and died today. It was an awlful feeling. It really bugs me that people drive so stupid and don't obey traffic laws. We live in an residential area that has a sign posted "children at play" speed limit 25 mph and yet people fly up and down this dead end streat. That concerns me with summer vacation coming soon. I know there will be a lot of kids out playing including 2 of my grandson's.

Then my sister informs me this morning that they are going to be going to South Dakota and don't know for how long. They may even move up there or should I say out there. We live in Central N C so that is quite far. I am really hopeing that she changes her mind.

And now the storms are hitting. Lot's of hail. We are under a tornado watch till 8:00 tonight.

Now back to what I really enjoy knitting and crocheting. I think after today I am ready to set down and pick up the knitting needles and try and relax. I am making barefoot sandals. among other things.

Well this is all for now except one more thing. Vote Vote Vote for Taylor Hicks

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