Monday, May 08, 2006

First time for everything

Hello and good day. It is a rainy day here in N C. I haven't done a blog before so this ought to be interesting. I knit and I crochet. And I absoutley can not resist a new knit or crochet book or a great skein of yarn that I really have no idea what I will use it for, I just have to have it.

I do however like to design my own items as well. I sell alot of what I make on EBay and even have my own knit/crochet discussion group as well. I actually have some things I should be finishing up at the moment but my grandson has other ideas for me.

Ok he has gone home now. Supper is done and time to set back and knit. Gonna be working on a pocketbook for a May swap I am in.

The picture in this post I crocheted from a chipwood box. I designed the paper and then decoupaged it to the box. I crocheted into the box and made a drawstring pocketbook.
I also did another one that I used duct tape on.
I will try and be back tomorrow.
Have a great night.

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