Monday, May 22, 2006

Hatbox pocketbook

This is a hatbox, turned pocketbook. It seems as if almost anything can be turned into a pocketbook. I found these cute little hat boxes at of all places the dollar store. What is really fun about this is you can carry it as a drawstring pocketbook or place it on a table with the lid and it is just a decorative box. You could of course store some jewery or some other little treasure in it as well.

Supplies needed for this project are:

small decorative box
a leather punch or an awl ( for punching holes)
Yarn of your choice
a small crochet hook
size I crochet hook

Directions: Remove lid from box and set aside. Take the the bottom of the box and punch your holes around the top about 1/4 of and inch down and apart.

Using the small crochet hook use it to slp stitch your yarn all the way around to beginning and slp st to beginning to join.

Ch 1 sc in first crochet dbl in second . alternate sc then dbl crochet around then slp to beginning ch.

repeat this pattern till desired height as been reached.

chain 4 skip first stitch and dbl in the second. ch1 skip a stitch and dbl cr. continue around till you get back to beginning and join. ( placement for handles )

chain 1 and repeat beginning pattern for 3 rows. finish off and weave ends.

drawstring. make 2 chain desired length for handle.
run your handle through the dbl's you made.

Once handles are through sew ends of cording together.

If you have any questions please post and I will respond.

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