Friday, February 25, 2011

Before and after photo

So yesterday I am in a bnr on Etsy  and seen where a seller was selling vintage knit and crochet patterns  with  some great pictures. Now even though I knit and crochet I was more excited about the pictures so I could play with them.  I think the end results are pretty cool.

Now just a little something to describe how I do some of my digital's.  I work in Paint Shop Pro X2.  I know how to create my own tube's, mask  and paint brushes.  I know how to get rid of backgrounds and add to or take away from pictures.  I can change colors or looks of a photo  and  I taught myself.  With lot's of time and mistakes  and some great items.  My digital's don't happen in a few minutes  some can take days to produce  and some can take a couple of hours  depending on the complexity of the project.  It is something I love and am very passionate about.

Now here are my before and afters from a black and white photo that I added color to.


  1. It looks great!

    May think of a collaboration between us so us chics can make some money!


  2. Debbie I love what you have done with that pic, that knitted cape seems to just POP out at you with the added color, great job.