Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our Health care system is a shamble

Last night I was bothered by what I seen at the Emergency room.

As we walked in the place was full almost no where to set, and as the night went on

the waiting room thinned out and the stay went into hours as they ran test on my granny to make sure she was ok

I watched and listened to people who had been waiting for hours to see a doctor.

There was a young couple setting close to us who had brought their young daughter
to the er in desperate need for her to see a doctor, she was maybe 8 months old
they waited over 6 hours before they were finally called back.

Another young woman who had been trying desperately to see a doc for 2 days waiting hours
because she was possibly on the verge of miscarrying her baby finally gave up and left
because she had been there so long she was tired and drained.

I then saw 2 young men come in one with a head wound that was bleeding, they had
to set down and wait and wait.

By the time we were leaving the young man with the head wound was still waiting to be
seen. Now all of this was happening after the er had thinned down

It was 4 in the morning and some people had admitted to having been there since as
early as 5 the afternoon before.

So as I am walking back to where my granny was I see them at the nurses station just to me what
appeared to be hanging out, I passed rooms of empty beds that should have had some off
these patients in them.

Then I start to think, is it because that alot of people who have to come to the
er don't have insurance. Does the hospital think that if they make you wait long enough
you will get fed up and leave? Is it all about money?

I think so, what do you think I would really love to hear some opinions


  1. I agree.. it's the lack of insurance.

    Sad state!

    Hope your granny is OK!

  2. I have been in that situation, with severe pain and waiting in the ER waiting room for a long time, with people looking at you, its very uncomfortable, and I do not have insurance.

    So when I did have insurance I got the same thing, once I was seen and then they needed the room I was in so they wheeled me in the hallway of the ER still in the gown and all and discharged me from that area, again it was uncomfortable.

    So not sure why it is other then there are those that go to the ER for colds and things that should be at the Dr office, and it holds up the beds, I think there is a real need for more urgent care, when you need more then the Dr. but not quite a ER visit...well there you have it what I think on the matter!

    PS I hope that your Granny is doing better :)