Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So should we give Etsy a rest and go crazy with ArtFire

I mean there are still some good about Etsy as I am 3 away  from 300 sales, but Etsy is making money off of me and everyone else. Every time you list  and every time you sell.  What I like about ArtFire is I pay one price a month  and can list like crazy, but  promoting is a little confusing,  their forums are way different  than Etsy's oh wait  that's right  Etsy took those away from us.  Now it has to be a team, well what if I don't want to be on all these teams.  Anyway I got side tracked, back to ArtFire,  Seems as if I am paying them a set price every month  and Etsy double that if I list the same amount of items it would seem as if ArtFire should be the one to hang with, although I have been with Etsy so long that I will not just walk away from it.

Here are a couple of my listings on ArtFire  and I will say being a premium seller has it's good there, like 3 different size banners  and links to you social networking.


  1. Thank you for your post. I just started selling on both this month and wasn't sure which to stick with. I do hate paying all those fees but on the other hand I was a little confused with artfire listings. I will take any advise. It seems like if I sell something I am giving all back to etsy in my listing fees. :-(

  2. Well starting Saturday we will be promoting ArtFire with weekly giveaways and I know what you mean about giving my money right back to Etsy :(

  3. Hooray for this post! I have my Saturday post started and we'll see what we can do to heat up Artfire sales!


  4. I will stay with etsy and take this time to get some knitting done!

    Hope all goes well on artfire for you all...

    btw do u list the same things on etsy and artfire? or half on one and half on another?...just curious as to how to sell on both...

  5. I'm on Artfire too - just relisted, my shop had been empty. Will see what happens.
    Not adding any new items to Etsy any more.