Friday, February 04, 2011

Etsy's new forum changes, What were they thinking?

They had been announcing for a while, and we were preparing, starting teams and such  and then we see a change and the promotion are still there but for how long?  The one thing that bugs me about all this  is the Christiecottage BNS thread.    ChristieCottage’s ♥BnS ♥ since 11/2008 with 13,607 sales thru 02/04/11

Should a thread like this be tossed away  I say a big fat NO!  look at the time and effort  that has been put into this with over 13000 sales.  I have to say I am a little upset with Etsy, I have been there since 07  and this change has caused alot of confusion with etsy sellers  who depend on and count on going to the forums to promote  their items, should  they go away all together  then what?  We hope  the "Teams"  are a good idea?  I guess we have to see what happens, but in the meantime  There are alot of us  that have ArtFire shops as well. Also good to have a back up plan

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  1. I so agree with you! I just replied to yet another message from someone leaving etsy.

    I feel like I am wasting my time there. I am not a quitter or that BnS thread would have already disappeared.

    Jumping from team to team to team to make a simple post is redundant. In my opinion. I think etsy wants us all promote their site on every social media site and let their revenue grow, while we have little if any views on our new items.

    I have an artfire shop and I plan to promote it heavily. I have very few listings left on etsy. After being there for 4 years this month, I am totally dismayed by etsy and their thinking (or lack of).

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  2. I didn't really know how to use the forums, so I guess I am not missing out.

  3. Change always is upsetting when you think things are going well. I'm not sure why they did change it? I'm still trying to figure it out...

  4. I think that we will get used to it, I do not like change either, I am doing Jackis BnS team just fine, we have to remember that we can keep going forward things will be ok, there just shakey now but will settle down just like the ground after a quake (hey I live in CA so that was the best senerio I could think of)

    The other thing is that the people that are leaving etsy are not buyers, they are sellers right??? and since I am sure that most buyers are not aware of all the forum stuff going on...I am not seeing how that will affect sales, it can increase the sales as the competition leaves...just a thought!

    Have a great day!

  5. Found you on the fabulous new Blogging teams and following! :)

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  6. I agree, it is hard to navigate through all the teams to find something that is current and relevant. After a month or two I bet the forums will have calmed down and not every thread will be about it.

  7. I am following you from one of those new teams - I guess the thing is I would not have found you without them! I found you from Blogging Buddies.