Friday, June 03, 2011

Add as you knit

Going to the knit shop I see lots of novelty yarns that are just out of my price range.  So I came up with my own.

The first thing I did was tea dyed some white cotton yarn giving it a hint of purple.  I gathered some elements that I wanted to add to the yarn, now prior to knitting as I was winding my yarn in to a ball  I added small strips of a purple variegated yarn, and whats so unique about this yarn is it pulls apart giving almost the look of sea weed
I gathered some flowers and beads. 

I started knitting and using a crochet hook I would slip a stitch off  adding the flower or the bead.  then slip the stitch back on to the knitting needle I would knit the stitch as usual.  Once finished I  opened the yarn up giving it the free form look.  This is a fun way to add all those fun elements to the yarn with out paying a big price for it at the knit shops, and one your finished you have a truly unique piece

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