Sunday, June 19, 2011

And now there is 4

On Fathers day 4 years ago it was right after my dad had passed away on the 5th of June.  Not thinking real clearly I knew I wanted him to have something really pretty on his grave.  Looking around I found a beautiful blue hydrangea.  The temps here in NC were hot going into the mid 90's and needless to say that  poor flower took a beating out in the sun.  Seeing the distress a couple of days later  my brother in law brought it back to me. I brought the poor little thing home, planted it and kept it watered.  Each year now it develops 1 more flower and this year it has 4 which is exactly how long my dad has been gone from us

Happy Fathers Day


  1. YOU miss him. I know I miss my Dad too. Makes me sad today.


  2. Oh that is a nice story about that flower!

    I still have my Dad and cherish the time together :)