Monday, June 06, 2011

Buttons and yarn to dye for

I am still playing with dyes and techniques.  What was so easy and fun about this is I used a kit by tulip dyes  that came with everything you needed to have fun,  I was able to spray the dye on where I wanted and in the very dark areas just applied some drops of the darkest dye.  8 hours later  this is what I had  and I can say there will be more.  While  the yarn was dyeing  so were the buttons, once white now they are a dark pretty shade of green.  Now all buttons will not go this dark it depends on what they are made of as to how much color they will absorb  And remember your yarn has to be 100 percent cotton.  I used a ball of white peaches and cream cotton yarns


  1. Cool!

    If postage weren't so much I would mail you more peaches & cream cotton yarn!


  2. Oh Debbie I just love the dyed yarn and buttons, will the dye on the yarn stay in after you make up something and then wash it?

    Nice Job!

  3. Yes it will, once dyed it's permant