Tuesday, June 07, 2011

If you can't dye it... Paint it.....with..... Nail Polish

When I got my manicure for the wedding I discovered  that there is a nail polish that crackles.  So to the beauty supply shop to see if they carried it  and of course they did.
Certain game tiles will not dye due to the plastic that is used, so I decided to pain them with nail polish and apply the crackle polish to the top  and  the results I love.

It requires 1 coat of regular nail polish, let dry for about 5 min, then 1 coat of the crackle nail polish. Once dry you want to seal with a top coat.  More of this to come

Here are some more pictures from the wedding


  1. How cool!

    Love the pictures and the dress!


  2. how fun to do that crackle thing!

    You look like u were having a blast at the wedding!