Sunday, June 05, 2011

Remembering my daddy

Today marks 4 years since my daddy went to be with the Lord.  I find it still hard to look at his pictures with out feeling sadness come over me.  I remember right after his passing all I could think of was maybe I would go soon so I could see him again.  Of course my daddy wouldn't want me to think that way  so life has had to go on.  Losing a parent is a very hard thing to deal with, especially when you grew up in a loving family.  My dad took care of us and we could not have had a better dad.  I have loads of fond memories growing up  and have told my mom I would relive my childhood all over again if I could.

I miss you so much daddy

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  1. Well Debbie that is so wonderful that you had such a great childhood, I am sorry that you lost your Dad, but as you said you will one day be together, thank the Lord for that!

    It must be hard though even so, take care.